Advent Revolution: Prometheus Pronunciation Guide

Some of the names in Advent Revolution can be challenging to say the least. To help along with the reading process, here is a guide on how I (the author) say their names. Some characters are excluded due to the ease of their names for English-speaking audiences.

(note: I understand these may not be traditional pronunciations, but I did that with consideration to language change overtime as well as local modifications depending on where the individual grew up)

  • Dies Sanctum (DYES SANK-tum)
  • Gerlach Peak (GEER-loch PEEK) (pronunciation via wikipedia)
  • Trinetra Dari (TRY-net-trah DAREE) (or just TRINE, to keep it simple)
  • WURM (pronounced like “worm”)
  • Grigori (GRIG-gore-ee)
  • Ren Kastl (Ren KA-stul)
  • Nuriko Afton (Nu-REE-ko AFF-ton)
  • Amos Ellege (AM-ose ELL-edge)
  • Mikael “Misha” Danilovich Lebedev (MEE-kai-el “MEE-sha” Da-NEEL-oh-vitch LE-bey-dev)
  • Eliud Afton (EL-ee-ud JUS-tin-ee-in AFF-ton)
  • Akio Stretto (AH-kee-oh Stre-toe)
  • Hotaka Cross (HOE-tah-kah KROSS)
  • Ulrich Behrens (ULL-rick BARE-rens)
  • Anders Keefe (AHN-ders KEEF)
  • Tomo Sanada (TOE-moe Sah-nah-dah)
  • Leo Torrey (LEE-oh TOR-ee)
  • Pontius Sorrel (PONT-shus SOREL)
  • Graeme Murphy (GRAM MER-fee)
  • D’arcy Mun (DAR-see MUNE)
  • Wulfstan Maximinus Afton (WOLF-stan MACKS-zim-min-us AFF-ton)
  • Gerlac Claudius Afton (GERR-lack CLAW-dee-us AFF-ton)
  • Tarasius “Taras” Gaius Afton (TAH-rah-see-us “Tare-us” GUY-us AFF-ton)
  • Arsenius “Arsen” Tiberius Afton (ARR-sin-ee-us “ARR-sin” TYE-beer-ee-us AFF-ton)
  • Linnaeus Afton (LIN-nay-us AFF-ton)
  • Azenor Everade Afton (AZZ-zin-ore EV-ver-ade AFF-ton)
  • Gethon Afton (GETH-en AFF-ton)
  • Aksel Rogue (ACK-sell ROWG)
  • Urban Landry (ERR-ban LAN-dree)
  • Tarquin Vlatko (TAR-kin VLAT-ko)

Have you found any additional names or titles that are hard to pronounce? Comment below and I will add them to the list!






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