About the Author

K.S. Higgason lives in the desolate landscape of the Central Valley, California, which has served as a great inspiration for her writing. An eccentric by birth, an educator by trade, when she is not writing the author enjoys craft beer and forcing her supportive wife to watch old horror movies.

What Inspires Me: creepy places, dense forests, barren deserts, champagne, good lyrics, human interaction, and my adoring wife demanding more material

Happiest Moment(s) of My Life: getting married and meeting Bruce Campbell

Things That Drive Me Crazy: boring people, long lines, slow drivers, improperly chilled beer, people who enunciate too much, salad as a meal

Weird Hobbies and Interests: craft beer, tarot cards, campy horror and sci fi films

Currently Listening to: Rammstein (always), Halsey, Hollywood Undead, Serj Tankian, Highly Suspect, Chase Holfelder, The Anix

More here: Author Central

Contact me at: author.kshiggason@gmail.com


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